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Wellness Coaching for Women
to Create a Healthy Balance in Their Lives

Seeking Balance provides wellness coaching sessions to women of all ages in every walk of life. If you are a daughter, mother, professional, or stay at home mom, wellness coaching may be just what you need to start achieving the proper balance in your life.

Women often place too much stress on themselves by trying to do everything, and trying to please everyone at once. Often we forget that in order to achieve happiness and a sense of balance, we have to put our own needs first. Wellness coaching can help women to understand this very important fact of life - and learn how to implement the keys to achieve balance every day.

"YumMe MumMe Makeover" - now available!

The YumMe MumMe Makeover is packed full of advice and tips on how YOU can start creating happiness and balance in all areas of your life! Wellness Coach Peggy Porter shares wonderful ideas and inspiration with moms of all ages trying to balance life. Here's what one mom has to say about the book:

"Peggy's book is thoughtfully written to provide moms with a life balance plan that really works. It's a great read for any mom wanting to add more balance to her life!"

Balance by Design

Balance by Design is a concept that Peggy uses in her wellness coaching and her life. She feels that women have to stop comparing themselves to others and focus on their own unique situation and responsibilities.

Creating a Balance by Design plan includes looking at your personal and professional needs, present health, values and goals. You will determine, with Peggy's guidance and support, where your life is out of balance, and then design a plan to get you where you want to go.

Peggy believes balance is not about living perfectly but by living purposely.

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